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“Again, Peter denied it, and at that moment a cock began to crow.” -John 18:27.The above verse is taken from the book of John chapter 18 of the Holy Bible.In John chapter 18, Peter denies Christ thrice, and at the third denial a rooster crows. Depicting the significance of this rooster as related to today’s times, I, Ruth Vipul Kasbekar, have composed a poem. The rooster is a depiction of human conscience that tugs at […]
Your Decision today determines your Destiny tomorrow “Life is the total of all my decisions you as well as others make along with their corresponding actions” Have you ever been challenged with making decisions? “What should I fix for dinner?” “What should I wear today?” “Where should I invest my money?” “Who should I marry?” “Where should I go on vacation?” “What career should I pursue?” “Should I exercise?” “What doctor do I select?” “Should […]
It is all part of the plan. And it is a simple and Plain Plan. You read me right. There is a big picture involved, and everything that is happening to you, has already been painted into it. While there are different theories that try to explain how everything came to be and what was before, there is but only one fact that matters to us all. The one truth that means everything to a […]

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