Your Decision today determines your Destiny tomorrow “Life is the total of all my decisions you as well as others make along with their corresponding actions” Have you ever been challenged with making decisions? “What should I fix for dinner?” “What should I wear today?” “Where should I invest my money?” “Who should I marry?” “Where should I go on vacation?” “What career should I pursue?” “Should I exercise?” “What doctor do I select?” “Should […]
It is all part of the plan. And it is a simple and Plain Plan. You read me right. There is a big picture involved, and everything that is happening to you, has already been painted into it. While there are different theories that try to explain how everything came to be and what was before, there is but only one fact that matters to us all. The one truth that means everything to a […]
“Kindness is the language the blind can see and the deaf can hear” Before you knew it, the month of May is here. A year started with a lot of hope that things would be better but we do not see any ray of hope.  “Be kind to one another”, “Kill them with Kindness” these are all words we heard when we grew up. We were pointed to people like Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi […]
By Nidhi Hannah Philip With questions on hold, And undealt emotions left bare, With the familiar disappearing, And the truth unravelling…. Like walking into a castle of ice Towering in the sun, My world melts down, And I wade in the floodwaters Struggling to breathe, Trying to see, Where I ever went wrong. Strength surrounds me. Power beats me. Cares confront me, As I come back to the question: “Where did I ever go wrong?” […]
The little nails and thorns that hurt me  Keep pushing me away from Him. I wondered why He let me feel pain  While His broken body embraces me, firm.  The little stones with which I am stricken I try to rise when I have fallen down  Every blow makes me drop lower While He is striking mountains down. I had fallen into deep trenches of sadness.  And I had run out of tears to cry. […]