The little nails and thorns that hurt me  Keep pushing me away from Him. I wondered why He let me feel pain  While His broken body embraces me, firm.  The little stones with which I am stricken I try to rise when I have fallen down  Every blow makes me drop lower While He is striking mountains down. I had fallen into deep trenches of sadness.  And I had run out of tears to cry. […]
God graciously chooses to do His work through His people, enabling and equipping them to do what He desires them to do. His Spirit equips His people to do His work for His glory. We see this in the Lord’s instructions to His people for building the tabernacle. God both defines what His work is and reveals how it is to be done  “They are to make a sanctuary for me,” the Lord told Moses. […]
One more month of 2021 is passing us by. If we look back, what stood out in the past month was the amount of pain and chaos recorded around each one of us. From pandemics to war, to utter state of chaos and confusion among everyone.  ‘PEACE’. Even the secular world realizes the importance of this small 5-letter word, so much so that for a piece of this ‘peace’ one can go to the lengths […]
There is a popular tale of a man standing in a slow-moving queue who prayed to God out of frustration: “Dear God, please give me patience, and give it to me NOW!” While the man may not have exactly asked for it in such a manner, the situation was one that would certainly teach him patience. Webster’s describes patience as waiting without being frustrated or annoyed, but to the children of God, it means to […]
“But trust can take you a long way. And, my faith takes me a long way. Moreover, I think that our pains, our vulnerabilities, and our insecurities can fuel us to be better. To try harder. To dig deeper” As Christians, we need to dig deeper and have a strong foundation in our Christian life. Something built on shallow ground will fall when the storm comes. A Wise Christian makes sure he digs deeper, find […]