By Nidhi Hannah Philip

With questions on hold,

And undealt emotions left bare,

With the familiar disappearing,

And the truth unravelling….

Like walking into a castle of ice

Towering in the sun,

My world melts down,

And I wade in the floodwaters

Struggling to breathe,

Trying to see,

Where I ever went wrong.

Strength surrounds me.

Power beats me.

Cares confront me,

As I come back to the question:

“Where did I ever go wrong?”

Rage fills me as I wait to find

Some voice within me.

Or out.

And in my pursuit to find you,

I find myself…

And when I do,

You remind me that I belong.

Belonged to you from before time.

You whisper that what went wrong 

Was only for my good.

And you tell me that what matters to me

Matters to you too!

Now, knowing you love me

I am letting go…

And even as I begin to fall,

Help me remember:

That in you I will always stand tall.


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