It is all part of the plan. And it is a simple and Plain Plan.

You read me right. There is a big picture involved, and everything that is happening to you, has already been painted into it.

While there are different theories that try to explain how everything came to be and what was before, there is but only one fact that matters to us all. The one truth that means everything to a child of God.

He loved us before Creation.

I do not know whether if you are acquainted with the most-accepted theory of the formation of the universe, but I shall gladly reiterate it here for you:

The Universe is posited to have started with a Big Bang. The Big Bang in itself was a rapid expansion of matter in a very, very small time. It was an awe-inspiring incident, compacted into a mind-blowingly short time, with the subsequent turn of events leading to star formation and planet formation and the cosmos as we know it now. It all began 13 billion years ago. And here we are today.

If this is too much to take, would you be able to absorb the fact that before the first event that set others in motion, before time was woven into the fabric of space, or even before either of those came to be, before it ALL, you were loved?

In Isaiah chapter 25 verse 1, the prophet proclaims “…for in perfect faithfulness you have done marvelous things, things planned long ago” (NIV). Did you notice that? The prophet was talking about a plan from long ago, and he is ascribing it to God’s faithfulness. Interesting.

Indeed, other servants of God have also brought it up. In Psalm 138 verse 2, it is written, “I will … praise your name for your love and faithfulness…” (NIV) as well as in Psalm 100 verse 5 “For the Lord is good … his faithfulness continues through all generations” (NIV)

And this is why we are asked to keep waiting for God’s timing. God is faithful, and his faithfulness has endured for generation after generation. His faithfulness has protected your life. His faithfulness has brought you from the depths of corruption and iniquity that you found yourself in. and it is his faithfulness that is going to take you out of current crises. You see, it is already sorted out and accounted for in his plan.

So how can we be expected to wait? After all, we are not privy to this big picture; we are only watching it play out in our lives. This is when you can take stock in what has been offered by means of God’s Word. We are his children, which mean we can avail of his qualities.

In the epistle to the Galatians, in chapter 5 verses 22 and 23, the apostle Paul wrote, “The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness…” Its right there and the apostle is asking the Galatians to bear such fruit. Bringing in the presence of the Holy Spirit into our lives, paying attention to what he wants to say, and acting accordingly, is how we can bear such fruit. Including faithfulness.

I must warn against misusing this concept, though. There is a lazy attitude prevalent among Christians by summarily invoking the phrase “it is his plan” and thereby leaving the burden of effort to God. A promise is expected to be fulfilled anyhow without the believer putting any effort or striving to learn any lesson. Remember always, God is counting on you to do your part. Being his child, you are expected to be faithful in all that you do. As an example, students: you may expect to pass through your examinations – it is his plan to help you get through the course – but do not expect flying colors if you are putting in zero effort.

Coming back to the crux of what we are exploring, faithfulness has to do with being committed to something. It is important to acknowledge that God is committed to his plan, which he began to realize all those eons ago. It is out there and being realized as we speak!

So, if you are passing through a rough patch right now (and it might sound cliché as you have probably heard it before) but it is very much part of The Plan. Cheer up!

If you are having a good time right now, and you cannot have enough of it, I would like to suggest taking a moment aside and thanking God, because this, too, is very much part of The Plan. Be grateful.In fact, to each of his children, God has made promises, and as he sticks to his plan, he shall fulfill in due time what he has promised. For he is faithful.


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