The following information is provided for those in Bangalore. It is likely that your city/district in India will have similar arrangements.

In Bangalore, how to book a hospital bed under BBMP quota?
Hospital admission can be done under the BBMP quota using the steps below. Or one can contact private hospitals directly.
Step 1 : Call 1912 and press 1 (Keep trying repeatedly, it might take up to 10 mins to get through).
Step 2 : Keep SRF ID & BU number ready and call BBMP War Room. Phone numbers are provided per zone.
SRF ID is a 13-digit number sent via mobile phone sent to anyone who takes a Covid test.
BU number is a 6-digit unique number generated by BBMP, only for patients who test positive for Covid 19. If you didn’t receive this, visit:
Step 3 : : If you do not have BU number and urgently need a bed, Call 1912 or 108
Step 4 : If you have SRF ID & BU number ready, call BBMP War Room.Also have the patient’s photo ID, mobile number and attender/caretaker’s mobile number handy before calling an ambulance.

BBMP Covid-19 Hospital Bed Status: