• Pitstop – Our Weekly Youth Gathering
  • Area Meetings
  • Women’s Fellowship
  • Sunday School
  • Living Flame – Our Non-Stop Worship Session
  • PraiseQuake – Our Annual Musical Concert
  • Gilgal Times
  • Gilgal School of Music
  • Bible Studies
  • Gilgal Centre for Counselling

Gilgal (which means “stone circle” in Hebrew) was the site at which Joshua set up twelve stones to remind the Israelites of how they had crossed the Jordan.
The Gilgal Assemblies of God Church is a congregation located in the city of Bangalore. The church traces its origins to 1986, when the late Pastor T. Samkutty, driven by the need to bring good news to the masses, initiated a service in Sarjapur.
His son, Pastor Denny, took over the shepherding burden for the Church in 2006. Pastor Denny is married to Sister Gladsy, and they are blessed with two children. It was the desire of a few students from Krupanidhi College to gather on Sundays and spend a few hours in God’s presence. This led to the college authorities granting permission for prayer meetings to be held in a classroom, and this is how the Church commenced. While the service
was initially in Malayalam, a worship session catering to English speakers branched out in 2006, and has completed twelve years in February 2018.
The church started out with minimal music instruments and audio equipment. Since the meetings were in a classroom that was required on weekdays, church members had to set it all up on Saturday evenings, and disassemble after service was over the next day – a weekly routine. After 8 years, the Church found residence at a location in Jakkasendra, which included a hall wherein all equipment could be decisively installed. This building had the added advantage of additional rooms for teaching kids, and for support functions. Since more and more people started gathering, with different members having varied availability of time, service was arranged in two sessions. Quite soon, the hall was thronging with great numbers – it was evident a new place was required.
The Church is blessed with children of all ages, thereby having a Sunday School staffed with competent teachers. The kids learn songs and the Word of God in these classes. Children are afforded the opportunity to be Students as Believers, paralleling the atmosphere provided at regular educational institutions.

The Sunday Services are augmented by Area Meetings around the city, wherein believers gather at each other’s homes for Prayer Support and Bible Study. In addition to Worship and Prayer Meetings, the church also organizes events and programs that propagate Christian Fellowship. Among these are the Vacation Bible School, Praisequake, Living Flame, and Christmas Outreach programs, among which the Praisequake yearly event
is quite notable in that, it is an evening of worship where youth are encouraged to participate and surrender their lives to God. Similar to this is Living Flame which is held on a regular basis – it is a day full of praise where people are free to let go and worship God however they can.
After much prayer and consultation with God, few months later, it was decided to move services to the Hotel. Coinciding with the Church’s twelfth anniversary, the Gilgal AG International Worship Centre was inaugurated. Both sessions are now combined as a single service, which is also live streamed online. The new venue has proved to be more than capable in terms of capacity. The Sunday school is held at the open air portico right next to the banquet hall.
Moving services to the Hotel marked a jovial return to and a touching reminder of old times, when everything had to be set up on the prior evening. Indeed, members who watched the Church grow can’t help but marvel at how God has led the congregation from strength to
strength. What started as a meeting in a classroom (and even once in a chemistry lab!), has now become a 200+ strong congregation, with a thriving Sunday School scene, Church Elders, Worship Team, Sound Engineers plus Installation Crew, and Prayer Support. The Church also
has its own newsletter, the Gilgal Times.

The C. R. E. W personnel proactively support all operations of the Church. We deploy our operatives toward any effort that God’s people may require. Should a program show up on the horizon, CREW springs into action and takes charge. And the youth are so tightly knit together in Spirit that their oneness is evident to any outsider! Should you require any assistance or
support, call us and we’re there.
It must be ensured, therefore, that such a powerful machine is well-oiled and dearly maintained. Hence, we have a Pitstop every week to look under the hood, perform some clean-up and spruce up the vehicle back to shape. This is held on Saturdays, from 7:00 to 9:00 PM, where we meet and recharge. We de-stress with activities, listen and discuss on the Word, and then reflect together. It is held at the old Church hall in Jakkasendra. In addition to this, we often have team huddles ever so often.
There have been generations of youngsters that have been involved and given their best to bring CREW to what it is today. The movement initiated not too many years ago has gained momentum and has led to the formation of a vibrant youth community that prides itself on its unity, and is yet humbled by the journey through which God has led them, as a group and as
individuals. And CREW always needs willing individuals to join its cause. If you are below 30 years of age, you are recommended to join us. If you are above 30 years of age, you should still join us anyway. We have a mission to undertake, a purpose to fulfil, a people to serve, and a God to glorify! If you feel you have the right set of talents that needs to be made use of, you can join us. If you want to learn a new set of skills, you can join us. If you feel you are lonely and you need a community to be a part of, you can join us. And if you’re just happy and want to share that happiness with others, what are you waiting for, JOIN US!

Other ministries by Gilgal AG Church include Women’s Fellowship, Weekly Bible Studies.
The Gilgal School of Music provides an opportunity for the young musicians among us to master their craft, taught by experts in their respective fields, it continues to raise a generation praising God with instruments.
The Gilgal Centre for Counselling is a centre dedicated for those who needs a listening ear. In a city filled with people going on with their busy lives, sometimes, an overwhelming feeling of emotions can put somebody down and this is the place for your troubles. Those in need can pick up their phones or go on to our website and connect with anyone of our counselling team and receive expert advice and guidance. We are here to hear.
By His grace, Gilgal AG continues toward winning and embracing souls, providing a spiritual family for believers, and serving God with all of its strength, all of its heart, and all of its mind.
The church has welcomed countless individuals and families, who have hewed their spiritual lives with its help. Numerous people have been touched and relieved of their emotional burdens. Young men and women have opened up their hearts to God in its services, and the
church itself is gearing up for a revival within the city.